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ThoughtClouds™ Dry-Erase Response Boards, Set of 6

Product Number: PC-626684
The “wearable” dry-erase response board for better writing posture!Dry-erase response boards are indispensable classroom mana...




The “wearable” dry-erase response board for better writing posture!

Dry-erase response boards are indispensable classroom management and informal assessment tools. Now students can answer with ThoughtClouds™, the “wearable” dry-erase response board. These boards slip right on to a student’s non-dominant hand. Ready-to-Use with comfortable writing posture, standing or sitting. No placing on the desk or fumbling with the board to write a response. This “wearable” design will move guided practice sessions along yielding more teaching time. Each “thought balloon shaped” board is approximately 5.5” x 7” and features a heavy-duty “elasticized” strap on the reverse side to comfortably “wear” the response board. The entire high-quality unit is made of sturdy polypropylene plastic, even the dry-erase surface, for easy erasure and clean-up. The boxed set includes 6 ThoughtClouds™ Dry-Erase Response Boards.


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